Imene Sekkiou

PHD in Telecommunications

Phone: (+34)631676331

Currently a PHD student engaged in a co-supervised thesis between the Departamento de Comunicaciones from the Universitat Politècnica de València Spain, and Department of the Electrical Engineering from Mostaganem Algeria. She has published two papers,  the first one on optoelectronic properties, particularly the optical and electrical properties of semiconductors, and the second one on bidirectional WDM-OOFDM access network based on a sliceable optical transceiver with colorless ONUs. She has participated in two communications in Algeria on properties of semiconductors and Wireless Communications, as well as at the Innovation Connecting Show in 2014, in Toulouse (France), and also at the Workshop on engineering Applications (WEA ’18). Her main research is currently focused on optical transmission systems and optical devices.


Optoelectronic properties
Wireless Communication
Optical T.S.
Optical devices