Viorel Otgon

Advanced Technician

Phone: (+34)622311558

Skype: steaua45

Received his Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Valencia in September 2016. Previously he obtained the degree in Telecommunications Electronic Engineering from the University of Valencia, the last year being coursed at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finland) under an “ERASMUS” grant.

His main professional activities have been developed in the R+D Department of the company FYLA LASER and the Institute of Telecomunications and Multimedia (ITEAM) from Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) as electronics engineer.

His main tasks are focused in hardware and firmware product development as well as operations management.

He has been awarded with grants like: “Beca Santander” (Valencia, Spain) and “International Training School on Fiber Lasers and Optical Fiber Technology” (Prague, Czech Republic).

His research work in photonics has been published in 4 international conferences.

  • Fiber Lasers. Focused on Customer R+D Needs and Perspectives
  • Láseres de Fibra Óptica. I+D Enfocado a las Perspectivas y Necesidades del Cliente Industrial
  • Arbitrary Filtering Module Applied to a Supercontinuum Fiber Laser
  • Short-and Long-Term Highly Stable 1GHz Fiber Laser Comb


Electronics design
Embedded Systems
Fiber Lasers