Innovative instrumentation

Innovative instrumentation


Research and development of innovative photonic instrumentation focuses on photons or optical fields and the light-matter interaction for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.

Our main target is to design, implement and demonstrate the feasibility of photonic instruments with advanced functionalities featuring unique properties beyond the current state of the art. Microwave Photonics (MWP) is a key research discipline which can offer great benefits to next-generation photonic instrumentation.

MWP is a highly interesting discipline with the aim of bringing relevant advancement and improved functionalities mainly through the combination of radiofrequency (RF) engineering and optical technology. The MWP historical development over the past 30 years runs in parallel with the field of communications. Initially, the advantages of photonic technologies are to provide functions in microwave systems that were very complex or even impossible to carry out directly in the RF domain. In this context, the major functions of the MWP systems go from basic performance such as distribution and control of microwave signals to more advanced purposes as generation and processing of microwave signals. Nowadays, MWP can be found in cellular, wireless, satellite communications, sensor networks, radars, distributed antenna systems and RF signal filtering. However, MWP is also succeeding in incorporating a variety of techniques used in RF engineering to improve the performance of photonic emerging applications going far beyond the field of communication. For instance, optical astronomy, quantum optics, Raman spectroscopy and biomedical sensing and imaging.

PRL expertise is related to the use of MWP technology for transmission, generation and processing of RF/MMW signals by means of the optical domain. In this context, our challenge is to achieve unprecedented benefits due to the incorporation of MWP technology in current photonic instruments and also to detect niche applications.


  • metrology instrumentation: interferometry, profilometry, polarimetry, reflectometry, scatterometry
  • laser instrumentation in material processing and manufacturing
  • medical and bio-photonics instrumentation
  • imaging photonic instruments
  • arbitrary waveform generators
  • quantum key distribution
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Innovative Instrumentation Team

José Mora
José Mora
Microwave Photonics
José MoraFellow Researcher Phone: (+34)963877000 (Ext: 88143) Email: Skype: jmalmer Since 2004, he joined as a researcher in...
José Capmany
José Capmany
Advanced Microwave Photonics
José CapmanyFull Professor Email: Skype: jcapmany I hold a BSc, MSc and PhD degrees In Telecommunications Engineering and a...
Beatriz Ortega
Beatriz Ortega
Optical Networks
Beatriz OrtegaFull Professor Phone: (+34)963877741 Email: Currently working at the Departamento de Comunicaciones from the...