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Covering the whole photonic picture

Quantum information Systems
Photonic integrated circuits
Optical systems engineering
Fiber optic devices
Research Areas

We Deliver Innovative Solutions

Fiber Sensors

Multiple optical techniques for fiber sensing

  • Temperature FBG sensors
  • Raman sensing fibers
  • Brillouin sensing solutions

Photonic Integrated Circuits

Integration of complex structures in a single chip

  • InP active technology
  • SOI Silicon on Insulator
  • SiN Silicon nitride solutions

Optical Networks

Smart City, Industry 4.0,  Smart Grid, IoT…

  • Optical OFDM access networks
  • WDM over polymer optical f.n.
  • Er/Yb advanced amplifiers

Microwave Photonics

Mastering the application of RF signals over fiber

  • Beamstearing and beamforming
  • Signal generation and processing
  • etc

Innovative Instrumentation

High added-value equipment

Spatial Division Multiplexing

  • Distributed radiofrequency signal processing
  • Parallel radio over fiber transmission
  • Multiple wireless antenna connectivity

Fiber Devices 

for Optical Communications

Polymer Optical Fibers

Easy, cost-effective solutions for consumer markets